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How much Dilithium should a character need?

This all depends on the quality of the gear you want your character to have. Another way to look at it is ? the better the gear, the more Dilithium it will cost, and thus the more time it will take to earn.

End game gear prices range depending on the mark quality and exclusivity of the piece. For example, Ground Armor ranges from 6,300 Refined Dilithium up to about 16,800 Dilithium for Mk 12 Premium Set Ground Armor. More critical gear such as Space Impulse Engines can range from 37,900 Refined Dilithium all the way up to about 84,000 Refined Dilithium for a Mk 12 Premium Set Impulse Engine.

A little more math:

ground mk xii set

6,300 dil for armor
6,300 dil for psg
6,300 dil for weapon
total cost: 18.900

space mk xii set

37,900 dil for deflector
37,900 dil for engine
37,900 dil for shield
total cost: 113,700

total dil for 1 set of mk xii ground and 1 set of mk xii space: 132,600
@8k refining limit per day: 16.6 days
@8.5k refining limit per day: 15.6 days

to reach the cap, you will need to do 9 elite stfs a day as well as 1 of the BNP turn in projects. want to do normal? 17 normal stfs. have other ways to make your dil bones? that's great. either way, it's still time, time... time. LOL. the sad part is that 9 ESTFs a day for 16.6 days is approximately 150 ESTFs for 1 ground and 1 space mk xii set. At least those who wanted a progression bar got it.

want the adapted set? double the dil and the time.

i feel for the casual player. they have to work and wait and work and wait, just so they can be on the same page as players equipped like me. overall, they're not going to be very competitive in the game. fleet actions? no shot at getting top prize. elite stfs? you're more of a liability to the team than an asset... even if you know what the hell you're doing. pvp? yeah, good luck with that. at least they'll have epoh herding and tribble breeding.

but honestly, i could give two craps about how this goes. i'm merely here to present the facts as they are. as i have stated in posts before, i already have all the mk xii equipment i'll ever need. just take the information and go.

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