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11-17-2012, 04:36 AM
First things first, the Dilithium side of the Fleet projects has stopped, players nw want to keep the D for themselfs, i can not blame them.

Season 7 is a complete fail in our eyes, it has killed the game.

Thing is we loved the old STF style, we loved hanging around DS9, doing a few runs to get Salvage to buy and test other weapon types, i imagined them just opening another Alcove/Shop with newer STF's as the game progressed.

All they had to do was add to the system and fix the drop rates.

But they completely went the other way against the players wishes.

Who the hell is going to run Infected Ground? there is no need at all. It is even more pointless now.

Adding D to Feel actions was nice, but they should have left STF as it was and added a Accolade to complete all Fleet Actions with a final reward, trophys etc.

New Romulas:
Is this a joke? there is nothing there.
The Quests there are likethe area secondary ones, where are the main ones.
It needs like a Queen RadScorpian quest, a wandering Elite etc, it badly needs big main quests.
Visit it once then never go back, they havent got these ground invasions right since Defera.

It feels like we have another SWG on our hands, too late to go back now, but the big problem is that most things are now pointless and most dont know what to do ingame as it is majorly boring.

To relieve this boredom we even started to goto Kerrat again, my god they not even fixed this place in 3years, sadly it is going/gone downhill faster than ever before.