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Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
Nice to know this .Given the price of said items - and the time it takes to unlock them - we all now know not to bother at all with the entire thing . I mean seriously : asking 30k dilithium ( in addition to the other stuff ) for an item at tier one is ludicrous . An then there's the huge amount of time it takes to unlock everything . It has nothing to do with how much time folks are willing to play because the timer is fixed .Completing a project and then having to wait for days and watch a countdown clock is ridiculous .

Whomever came up with how this works should be sacked pronto . There's simply no excuse for such bad design ....
normaly I do not agree with such rash decisions....and well that still stands......

they should be tied to a chair, blindfolded and have that chair placed in a room with 3ft of space from the door down, have that space filled with 1ft of water and make them sit there for days.....its the same experience we would get.