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11-17-2012, 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Thank u very much for this information.
But im sure u know that there is a cap in how much dilithium ore u can refine per day and charakter. I think this is ur tool to control the total amount of dilithium that is getting into this game per day.
So why cant we get dilithiumore or other currencies in every mission we play or decide on our own with wich currency we want to be rewarded? I ask this question because i (and a lot of other players too) spent money to get more characterslots and at the moment u made it nearly impossible that i can do something useful with all of this characters. Because its no fun to do the same mission thounsands of times to get the rewards that i need to have progression on all my characters.
I want to play this game and i want to have fun doing this.

Thx for reading.