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11-17-2012, 06:12 AM
That's good, because I was using the STF as a mean to get dilitium for the fleet projects. I like the STF, I like the fact that I can get stuff to equip my ship and dilitium for the fleet. I don't want be forced to do other PvE for the dilitium and have to choose between my personal need and the fleet. Like most, I have limited time for the game, so I want to maximize it.

There is already enough complain about the reputation system! That I think is good for "new" players/characters that didn't reach end game yet, but frustrating for people that already there and jut need a few more MK XII item and now need to start anew! You should at least have given some head start to old timer STF players.

And as we are talking of the changes, one of my fleet member remark that the general recruitment now cost 1000 dilitium? To get a (or a few) random officer(s), seriously? I understand that we need to pay for specific officers, but always have some difficulty with paying for random stuff.