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11-17-2012, 05:13 AM
People may think they have less now, but are people taking in to consideration the fact that there are new sets, new captain abilities/powers, new missions, new sector space in addition to new gameplay systems or are they just looking at the now with no consideration for the bigger picture?

People aren't overlooking this... its the process to get the new items is harder than before.

When working toward fleet projects and/or personal advancement there were instant gratifications, equipment drops, as well as dilithium provisioning.

The system as it stands is hey look in 4 months it'll be really great, until then your just feel like your standing still and we've made the process feel harder to get there.

The instant gratification ie, equipment drops, smooth flowing mark providing v what is required, and each tier of a starbase requires more fleet marks per project than the previous. Enough dilithium to spare for personal use and aloocation to development of starbase.

The instant gratification has been removed, until it has been returned people won't wait for the 4 months of grind to get the end content.

Never mind end game content what about day to day content is just as important. Until this is more balanced people aren't feeling any feel good factor.

Quite simply there needs to be some balance put in the game between having day to day reward content not just focusing on the end content.