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11-17-2012, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by kimjongpwe View Post
You guys just can't handle the awesome brilliance of Danny Stahl. Artificial time gating of content coupled with excessive resource requirements with triple unlocks is what players have been asking for, for YEARS.

If you guys can't handle the long wait times and the task of farming every day, then go play something else and leave the game to those of us who don't have things called "jobs" or "lives." There's plenty of other f2p titles out there and there will be plenty of regular game on sale next week for Black Friday.
Outside of dilithium, nothing really has to be farmed daily and if you don't care about dilithium or EC or helping a fleet, you really only need to login once every 40 hours for rep.

The rep system is pretty casual and the time gating makes it more casual.