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11-17-2012, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
I cannot type in Fleet Chat. I still get the feeds, but I do not have the option to type in the channel.

Also, I get the feeds from both the Fed fleet AND the KDF fleet, not matter which character I am using.
I have the same exact problem on my Fed characters. Took me hours to figure out why I was occasionally seeing people say "Qa'plah" in the fleet chat (they do that to say hi to each other all the time ) and they weren't even in the fleet roster. I have 1 KDF character in a fleet and when this happens I can't use fleet chat at all. I only have the option of zone and local.

This seems to happen only after I have logged in on my KDF character. If I exit the game and, relaunch it, and log in only on my Fed toons, the fleet chat seems to be fine.

Nothing like being on a Fed character seeing a conversation going on in your KDF fleet. On the bright side, since the 2 Fed fleets I'm in almost never have anyone talking, it makes me feel less lonely even though I can't say "Hello from the Federation"