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# 64 Fix for Intergrated Intel FIX
11-17-2012, 05:49 AM
So far from what i am noticing this has fixed 75% of all people issue with the graphics card crashes made by season 7.

Please ONLY install this if you a integrated intel graphics card. I can not predict what it will do on other systems. This is a driver downgrade you will need to overwrite your current drivers. During the install you will have a few min where your screen will go black, don't panic just wait.

Following the install, I was able to restore my graphics to there proper settings (recommended levels on STO )

you still seem to get a SMALL stick every now and then and although the stick for a third of a second is annoying it will not affect your gameplay.

If this works, please update your tickets and let them know what you did, Please make sure they have all your system info so they can pin down any systems that are still having the problems after this. Happy Gaming

I installed the following Drivers:*

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