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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
I hope so it would be nice on some of the ship types that you can't really stretch out like you can the fed side for obvious reasons make a vesta like ship pack for em and then would be golden for awhile.

The big thing with KDF is that a lot of these ships the KDF races have they were mostly spoken of so it would give the artists a lot of room to do what they want with them without being confined where as they are when making strictly canon ships.

Another thing is maybe instead of a discount offer the KDf something different like 2 Fleet Modules and like maybe 100k fleet credits for fleet ship or maybe 400k-600k fleet credits for a fleet ship to balance out that issue of no discount and shortage of ships on KDF side.
DS said months ago they were discussing alternate pricing strategies to address the 'KDF problem', but no mention since I asked the question 3 months ago. IF there were any KDF ships that qualify for the discount I'd have bought it and a fleet upgrade on top of it, but there isn't one so I'm hoarding my currency and making do with the 'freebie' ships.

They don't want OUR money- the KDF faction isn't populated enough to rate any effort from the devs unless it's accompanied by a quadrupled value gift to the fed playing customers.
We'll get a new fleet ship alright, but the cost will be every unique console we have left.
Their history confirms this.
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