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11-17-2012, 05:57 AM
I wonder who was so kind to set up the duration timers of the projects. 1d

All I can say is this:
Please lower the project timers. There is no need to artificially stretch the content for the player. I could understand that when the game was released, because we had a severe lack of endgame choice, but now we have a lot of ways to focus on.
Why the need to stretch it for your players? Let me focus on getting my reputation done in a moderate pace and then go on to focus on the other faction. By the time I am finished with T5 in a faction you will probably rolled out another one. Even with only a 24h timer it will take me a very long time.

And don't forget the fleet factor in this. I still have a fleet to supply next to my reputation too.

When it comes to the gear...well, I think this is what happens when nobody gets the chance to test the economy of the system. We were told multiple times we would get the chance to test those on tribble with the help of some dev magic done, but guess had to be rolled out before the competitor relaunched it's product.

This is really sad for the game and the players.