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# 1 Uniforms and Console Surfaces.
11-17-2012, 06:19 AM
What the hell, happened to the graghics when Season 7 was released? Is the game degenerating to a 64-bit server? The background graghics got more blurry to where you have to turn up you graphics setting to see a little clearer. Worst of all, the uniform and console surface graphics is no longer crisp and well defind. It looks like uniform painted on your body. The consoles look like blurry pedestals with flickering paint. If you go on your ship bridge, you will see your bulkhead wall will not have beautifull clear read-out screens with schematics and information on them. Instead you will see blurry wall paper that looks like Picasso was in charge of interior designing and making consoles.

I don't understand how a DEV can be proud of releasing something thats messed up? You would think they would check there work before they release stuff. My ship schematic window for the Dreadnought has been bugged for a year and a half, despite the fact I have been complaining about it.