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# 1 T1 Rep Cutscene (Spoiler Lite)
11-17-2012, 07:26 AM

I wonder if it will make sense who left this message for us as I can't see anyone benefiting from leaking it.

That said, the weirdness of emote-based acting aside (not that it isn't Trek; see Shatner), I really liked this one.

Pretty good dialogue. Good background lore but I don't think the LORE for STO was ever a HUGE problem outside the lack of it impacting the game.

I'll tell you what I do really like, though:

D'Tan is well voiced. He doesn't sound like someone who's constipated or trying for a silly voice, which too many game actors do. (Whoever's captaining the Houston in Hive Onslaught needs to eat more fiber. But I won't harp because whoever voiced the Queen is absolutely breathtaking and is ALMOST as pitch perfect as Alice Krige's Queen voice. Gives me hope I'll get to voice Odo someday.)

I like the discussion. It seems mostly believable. The Spock namedrop seems a bit forced but ONLY a bit coming from D'Tan.

What I really like are the beginning and end, oddly enough. D'Tan's assistant asking if he's hungry. Using the computer database. They feel like authentic beginings and ends to the scene. Probably the first time in STO, outside of loot drops and mission fetch objectives, that we got any indication that the characters have a full life off camera. I was talking with Fleeties about Secret World last night and places where STO doesn't sync for us... and while this doesn't rise to the level of Lt. Andy's mourning for his drowned cats or the wonderful eccentricty characters in TSW have, it's welcome and deserves praise that we're seeing characters show some humanity, who have interests and ideas that go beyond whatever the mission objectives are.

It's baby step (we'd probably need Jack from the augment group to have the level of quirkiness that TSW characters have) but I'll applaud that two second opening for being the first time we've really seen STO characters digress in an immersion enhancing way. As minor as it is (and it is VERY minor), I can see it being there deliberately because that kind of thing isn't in many places in STO at all and never in a cutscene. (Aside from Morn's lovely story at the DS9 bar. But that's recent, so I'm hoping it's a trend.)

Also, props for making the cutscene replayable and placing it OUT of combat so that I can let it sink in rather than during in combat in a place where I'd probably get killed or tie my team up if I didn't hit escape.