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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Some are clearly better than others and some are just so weak it is not even funny. For the most part these are what I will choose.

Romulan: 3% crit chance scales with any increase in weapon damage I gain from pretty much anywhere so it is the clear winner. +30 shield skill on ground I haven't tested personally but I would assume it comes out to like a 9% increase to me that is not worth it since on ground I typically either just die right away or never die.

Omega: Both of these options just suck IMHO. 20% health regen over a minute is not going to save my bacon just an occassional Hypo and the +30 skill is not that great of a boost either as it likely doesn't scale with weapon used and is just a flat bonus. But it will scale with my crit chance increase so it will be what I take.

Tier 2 I feel much the same way but I *might* take the 10% hull regen thanks to the borg set nerf. It will depend on how good the new sci consoles are. But in my defiant the hull regen would work out to about 70 hull HP/second which isn't great but it isn't awful either. But if I feel it isn't needed I will take the skill bonus as it will scale with mah crit bonus.

It would have been much better if they grouped the offensive and defensive abilities together on the same tier. Then it would have been a real choice as is most will just take the offensive abilities and not worry about it. Atleast until everyone complains about one shots at least.
I solo a lot and like melee, which tends to take more damage. So the durability boosts matter more.

Plus as a fleetie said last night, dying is more of an immersion breaker than not doing more damage.

These are modest but not TOO modest (I'd say slightly better than a lot of active duty DOffs) and I figure that by the time we have five or ten reps, all these ground durability passives will add up to pretty good melee tanking.

Plus, my crit and damage is already very high as a melee due to DOffs so the damage boosts are more of a drop in the bucket whereas the defensive boosts are things I couldn't get elsewhere.

I'm hoping to eventually be a pretty viable ground melee tank.