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Originally Posted by robuille View Post
Does anyone know when the license to use Star Trek brand name is up? I bet you it's within the next 2 years. PW probably doesn't plan on renewing the license so it's going to rob us for everything we're worth before killing the game. It's the only way their changes to the game this season make any sense.

I will find out, I have connections.

My guess... is much sooner than two years.

It looks like they released these changes just in time for the holiday gaming season in order to drive the player base to other games. After working out the math to reach certain milestones in Omega Reputation, our only conclusion was this was done deliberately. Our guess is they are using STO as a market research tool, see how much crap they can Asian before the player-base migrates.

From what I see, from my end... during my play times... Is server population is way down. Few are buying VESTA class ships. Wait time for an STF is now 10-15 min.

Based on all this, I'll bet ya we're shut down before the next anniversary event.
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