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11-17-2012, 07:48 AM
2000 posts! [= This thread has been going since March 27th 2010 and is slowly creeping up on its 2 year anniversary. It has survived PWE?s abuse of the forum history, account merging, opposition by fish people, and has even wondered off onto page 2 and 3 of the Ten Forward Forum on occasion. The good people of STO?s Ten Forward Forum and us 10ites keep this thread alive. Thank you to everyone who has ever had something positive and constructive to post in my buddy?s thread! Captain_Zero (captan2er0) Is PURE AWESOMENESS and that awesomeness continues to this day! The TFBB is still surviving players coming and going, Cryptic breaking PvP and PvE on occasion, and holiday seasons. :p Whether it?s off the wall builds being shared on, giving away gear to those who need/want it, and offering up time to ensure people have one less PuG to run an STF or Fleet Action with, etc. Our Z truly is a treasure to our community, Star Trek Online, and everyone?s life she graces with her presence! Especially mine!

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