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11-17-2012, 06:50 AM
Plasma Fire eh? Let me see what I can help you with.

The Vesta can equip cannons. Take advantage of that and swap your chronitons for quantum launchers. Dual cannons fire more often than Dual Heavy cannons, but they do less damage than their heavier counterparts. Also, put turrets on your aft slots.

Next you will need hazard emitters. That will clear your plasma problem right up. After that, your consoles need upgrading. Neutronium to blue, shield emitters to blue, but you really only need one. Might I suggest a Field Generator console instead?

As for your boffs, Torpedo High Yield works better than Torpedo Spread. MacDonald should have Emergency Power to Shields instead of Emergency Power to Weapons. 2 copies help.

A blue Phaser Relay console is relatively cheap, so you might want to replace that.

Other than that you should be okay.