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11-17-2012, 06:53 AM
I don't hate the new system but it's not, in any way superior to the system it replaced.

Personal bugbears:

1 day 16 hours is too long for the projects - 20-24 hours max would be reasonable then we could see daily progress.

Having to wait 3+ days to buy Mk X MACO once you've unlocked it is completely unreasonable - make the purchasing projects 1 hour max.

The cost in Commodities for each set of two Romulan/Omega projects even at Tier 1 works out at about 125,000 EC across my 3 characters - with reduced loot dropping in game this seems a little harsh - Commodities required should be 50% of what they are now.

And for me at least, there's little (if anything) of value in the Tier 1 unlocks - and charging 30 Doffs for Scorpion Fighters (plus the Dilithium etc.) is just robbery.

This whole thing needs a workover, and it needs it fast.
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