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Originally Posted by wast33 View Post
you can dismiss your aventine and re-claim it 2 times (make sure all your gear is off-board on dismiss), to get another 2 aux-guns.

suggestion for weapons:
swap out that front torp.
also those tac-consoles should all be blue-mkxi-phaser-relays. last (referring to weapons) is: pack 2 phaser turrets in the rear (if you want that torp to stay, let it in. better pick a minelauncher) and run your powerlevels with full aux.

other suggestions:
(already was mentioned: ) hazard ermitters, transfer shield strength
2 tac-teams (or 1, buffed by 2 purple con-doffs)
...Did not know i could do that either O.o

And i'll do some STF runs with your reccomended layout, and see how it preformsthanks!

Also, here is my Specs. Don't grill me, when i started thet game i didn't even read the tooltips...