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it's Very Nice That Some People Are Enjoying What Season 7 Has To Offer. That's Fine And Dandy, However, It Does Not Give Them Or Anyone Else The Right To Dismiss The Growing Dissent Among The Game's Population. You Might Be Happy Not, But How Happy Will You Be When This Game Becomes Star Trek Offline?

Most Of Us Fight And Argue Because We Truly Love Playing This Game And Want It To Survive. We Don't ***** And Moan To Hear Ourselves Speak, But Are Fighting For A Cause That We Would Like To See Rectified. Klingons Not Getting A Fair Shake Not Your Cause, No Problem. Pvp Inbalance Not Your Cause, No Problem. Just Don't Fight Us Every Step Of The Way, Because It Doesn't Affect You. You Have Your Opinions And We Have Ours. We're Fighting To Improve Aspects Of This Game. What Are You Fighting For?
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