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11-17-2012, 07:08 AM
Originally Posted by akrilon View Post
I agree - really nice environment. Some of the nicest looking areas are on the bridges Hopefully we'll see more of these adventure zones in the near future... It's fun to be able to explore in any direction I want, without hitting a zone wall, and to pick up random missions on the way. It gives STO some of that traditional MMO feel, that I'd been craving in this game

Quite satisfied with Season 7 in general - fun new fleet actions and an adventure zone I can come back to, without it feeling all that grindy.

Hopefully some of the bugs get squashed soon, and we'll be set

Thanks, team!
My big desire is for every adventure zone to be clearly themed, as my fear is that they'll ALL be fantasy forest/desert zones.

I'd imagine urban zones could actually be easier on the Polycount budgets.

Give me 1960s Vegas or New York or modern New Orleans complete with Sisko's restaurant or the Orion homeworld or something like First City but expanded out.

Urban adventure zones would rock. Plus, I wanna see ThomastheCat go crazy designing 90-100 business logos.