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Originally Posted by starwrathforever View Post
The evil Klinguns have the most powerful cruisers, the most agile escorts and the most spamming carriers...more offensive toy consoles, advanced cloaks, DHC everywhere, extremely sucking abilities, universal Boffs...ok, that's enough!
KDF has more DPS oriented cruisers, yes.

KDF has the bop, which is more agile, yes, but the BoP is considerably less survivable verse any other Fed escort.

KDF has the raptor/bop (a tin can with warp nacelles) @ BG/RA.
FED has 2 options @ BG. Patrol/Fleet.

KDF LG Garumba/Brel

FED VA Tact refit, multi-vector, heavy escort.

Fed fleet - 8 options, some with 5 tact consoles.

KDF fleet - 8 options, none with 5 tact consoles or LTC anything other than tact.

KDF has 1 science ship.
Fed has a dozen options.
***Some with LTC Eng/Tact options! Highest shield mods in GAME. ECT ECT ECT ECT.
Only Science that can load cannons and a fighter bay.

KDF 2 FDCs (1 fleet/1 none) Both are solid ships but no cloak on either and they cannot load cannons.

KDF 2 carriers - karfi/Voquv. Both are decent if that's your play style.
Reasonable options to fit various gameplay styles.

Siphons - simple solution is kvk, if you see them, load them on a carrier if you have one.
Siphons - Don't use them in fvk, broeken advantage nerfed.

Cat box - never played it but similar to kdf.
escort carrier - da-noobs + tact. Not game changing but 1-2-3 people spamming 1 or 2 bays is extremely annoying whether fvf or kvf.

KDF ships have less/same shields and maybe slightly less/more/same (vorcha) hull, but most are slower/same as fed counterparts. Only advantage is the cloak and DHCs but DHCs on a cruiser other than the vorcha is worthless against most escort, sci, cruiser pilots since CRF1/Dem is the only real threat but the CDs are extremely long. Only except is the fleet vorcha.

KDF has KHG which is a great shield if you have high tier shield heals. The placate is the only other advantage but trivial at game end. I prefer a capx3 resilient or omega over KHG.

Fed has MACO. Extra power, resilient, 10% resist to all energy types.

Each side has a unique, but not a game changing difference. The general quality of federation players is the issue. Instead of trying to improve their gameplay they b!@#$ about battle cloaks, fatter ships that turn worth a $#%& running cannons, ect ect.

Hate to be a negative Nancy, but instead of crying about KDF in everyone of your post, maybe consider you could learn a few things, team with a better group... idk... It seems to be if you find the average fvf more challenging/fun, perhaps you have your bar a little too low to be complaining about more seasoned players on the KDF side???

That said, I played my silly feds last night, matches were all a walk in the park. Boring!

Only had 1 good match in fvf and even then it wasn't very challenging. My exploration healer which still has 2/3 rare/uncommon doffs, was rarely in trouble of dying. Even when under fire from the other teams 2 or 3 bug ships.

The only other match that was half decent was a kvk /w 2 from SOB (bug/bop,) a galor and recluse with AAs, AMS, and probably some other random things. However, even losing our only source of heals (toward the end of) the match was 15/6.
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