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11-17-2012, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Since Tuesday night, the damn number's dropped to where 6 is a big number, and four of them don't speak english.

Everyone else who WAS on in the late hours has, apparently, since the new system hit 'live', found other things to do.

Further, I've NEVER seen ques as empty for PvE as I'm seeing in the timeframe
There's been many people till thursday and since then many people are playing SWTOR, and they'll come back as soon as they see that sto's endgame content and F2P is heaven in comparison. There's also an event on EVE iirc.

Less people online doesn't mean the update sucks. I often see more than 40 instances (one instance = 50 people) on New Romulus. Most of the times, 2/3rd of my contacts are also on new romulus. I think it's quite significant: people enjoy it. You may not, but anyway, so many people playing it means it's a successful update. Like it or hate it, that's your buisness.

On a personal note I don't mine anymore if the gate to get my gear is dilithium instead of the holy proto tech, it's so easy to make ****tons of it with season 7 that I couldn't care less. The starbase has always been optional to me, we don't even need to upgrade them: their rewards suck hard and are meaningless.

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