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11-17-2012, 07:30 AM
Oh god its the scam ship again XD
ok lets talk about the best escort in the game
-high turn/inertia its not a plus any escort can have enough turn and with some fly skills even turn faster than a bug [im not giving tips]
-flexibility in doff layout, realy? must use one lt. for sci so ull have the same layout like the Fleet Patrol
-cant run tetryon glider. fed have only a few escorts able to run tt glider efficient. [no names ]
-high dps [5tac consoles] maybe for pve but in pvp 4 even 3 are enough to kill just as fast like the bug ship dose if you know when to hit
-THE PRICE/PERFORMACE i can fit any T1 fleet escort with less than 100mill ec including ship price to outperform and kill any bug ship.

This is just my opinion and its based on pvp experience the Jem'hadar ship is a god ship but i will never try to get one because its not worth the amount of money/time for the little extra ,,performance'' when you can do better with less