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11-17-2012, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I'm not defending anyone else but my opinion. Everyone else seems to be doing it. Far more aggressively than I am, by the way. Why, do you think I don't have the right to?
Let see ... :

Cryptic seems to think that it's ok that its ok to take away my STF awards and award me less for my time . (if this was a job that'd be a paycut by the way)
Cryptic seems to think it's ok to extend my time in game to get the same awards I got before .
And according to the award scheme S.7 started with , it seemed that Cryptic also thought it was a good idea to herd me to FA's by offering a big juicy carrot there .

You have the tight to defend all of this .
For all I know you may love it .

So I'm curios ... . If you love it so much , why are you not ingame , having fun .... or getting toyed with by Cryptic (depending on your pov) ?

See , my pov is clear .
I'm not in game . I let my words and my actions speak for me .

You ... ototh ... -- well let's just sat that I've found your equaling of the clicky awards with the STF awards in this thread to be mildly disturbing at best , and not at all a sign of a balanced and mature mind .

And that's what I think of your opinion .
STO will be out of Beta in another 2-4 years ???
... you know after another 3 story arc remasters, crafting revamp, skills revamp, PVP upgrade ...
*note : the 2-4 year guesstimate came out of comparing Cryptic's Dev speed and that of a snail . Sadly the snail won .