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11-17-2012, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
With some of the recent changes to the game it has become much harder to get the large amount of fleet marks needed to do fleet projects in our starbases and now embassies. Especially for small fleets like mine where our starbase progression has come to a halt.

My proposal is make fleet marks available for fleet credits in our starbases, and make the price outway the reward so it's a sink, like 60 Credits to buy 1 Fleet mark so by turning them in I still lose 10 credits for every fleet mark I buy. So I won't make any profit by getting fleet marks this way but my fleet would still advance.

This would help smaller fleets where the members are Fleet Credit rich and Fleet mark poor.
I really don't see why or how this could break the game, only how it would help small fleets.
I totally agree with this post.

However this wouldn't help new fleets with new members who don't have a credit surplus Iif there is such a thing when you have a starbase) acquired over months of play.

I have seen a rather more sensible proposal however why not have the officer of the watch provide 50 fleet marks upon completion rather than 5.

Additionally add fleet mark bonus to omega mark missions as have been done with Romulan Marks one of the few positives of season 7.