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11-17-2012, 07:41 AM
I`m afraid, needless to talk with them anymore, they not so interested in. Uncureable tyrants. They are so far proud about their community, but they never discuss the main changes with us. Yes, there is "ask cryptic", but mostly the answers are not so interesting for me. I`m not always crying, I`m usually post positive feedbacks too. Dan gave some dil back, sorry I`m not gratefull. And now the reputation system is slow. The borg stfs are far hard. It is not fun. The New Romulus is a dull children toy, nothing else. For me S7 is a bad dream.

My suggestion is to ask lot of more money monthly, like 50-100 usd and make the game easy and fun for that players who like to pay it. Pay to win is better them pay to suck. And you can finance your other ideas from it.

I`m voting with my money.....