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# 1 Seriously?!?!?!
11-17-2012, 07:44 AM
What the heck is with this new reputation system?? a couple STF runs, and then 5 DAYS of doing NOTHING to get to the first tier? I'm at the top of the gear I can get with EC and Dilithium on most of my guys, and I want to move forward, but now there's this HUGE wait time, while I can do NOTHING to advance. Oh, sure, I can gather stuff for further "assignments", which I have to wait for anyway. On top of that, the first tier is even worse for a wait, and it looks like the top tier, where the gear I need is, would take FREAKING MONTHS!!!!!

I stopped playing WoW because of the stupid emphasis on reputation building to even get the gear to start running heroics, which I need to get into a raid. At least, with WoW, I have something to work on daily to get somewhere. This is just "take half an hour to do our STFs, then wait 5 days to do anything else." Seriously? You want me to wait around on my butt doing nothing?

Looks like I'm going back to WoW to waste my free time. This is just totally BOGUS.