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Actually you do need engine power, speed = defense = more chance your enemy will miss you, low engine power lowers your defence so you'll be more prone to being hit by critical hits too. As for shield power if you carry two emg pwr to shields buffs you can cycle them back to back for permanent up time which offers power and resistance at the same time.

You need to decide if you want beams or cannons, you're only packing one DHC so that cannon rapid fire is imo wasted, speaking if that DHC can you fit 2 or 3 of the aux powered DHC on one ship?

Also posting a screenie of your skill set up or writing out your skills so we can see what you have would help people give better suggestions, no point me saying attack patterns if you're not specced for them.
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Some people just don't get what engine power does for your ships defence or how emergency power cycling works.....
I'm afraid you are mistaken. Above a certain threshold, speed has no effect whatsoever on your defense rating.

And you can't avoid such issues by using, idk, Combat Impulse Engines.
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