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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Except, don't those projects come with a time-frame, as in, you can start with when you want, but you need to finish them within a set amount of time? Unless I've read up on them wrong, that's the information I got from them, and I'm not about to dedicate several hours of my life to fulfilling something that gives you a bog-standard Romulan Bridge Officer that you cannot customize.

It's a waste of resources.
You've been mistaken, you should really try it by yourself instead of reading the constant whinning on the forums. You can fill your project whenever you want. The timer to completion is rather long but it's made to make the requirements low. Season 7 is build for casual play, and most of the people complaining here are hardcore players. They can complain about it because they quickly have nothing to do after 1h of play (like myself).