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# 3390 Features I'd like to see
11-17-2012, 08:18 AM
Short Term;
1) A Trait upgrade feature for Bridge Officers. Not a "re-trait" to make super BOFFs, but a path to upgrading those traits that have multiple tiers so that BOFFs that came from White and Green candidates can be upgraded to be in line with those who were created from blue and purple candidates (I know I could dismiss and use new ones, but I'm sort of attached to some of my existing BOFFs). Perhaps a system could be devised using the Bridge Officer Candidate "Train Up" feature where traits could be upgraded to higher quality traits of the same type. This would also give us a use for the thousands of extra bridge officer candidates that come out of the DOFF system.

2) Fix auto-pilot to systems that are above the "galactic plane", such as the Traelus system, either by having our ship auto-pilot take us vertically as well as horizontally, bringing the systems down a little bit so they're in range when the auto-pilot stops us, or allowing us to enter a system when we're at the correct X-Y position even if the Z position is out of range.

3) The ability to export and import files containing a layout for our power trays. When switching ships, the game still has a tendency to scramble our power trays. It would be nice to be able to save a file to the local computer listing powers (for captains and bridge officers) and what slots on the power tray they go, then have an import option to read it back in and slot any and all valid powers into the appropriate tray slots. I know the devs have attempted to address this situation in the past, and it is a bit better, but it's still hit and miss, this would allow a sure-fire way to restore the tray configuration if you backed it up.

1) I'd like to see my other ships represented in the game in some way. Between my six federation characters, they have fifty tier five star ships. That's a lot of hardware, but most of those ships simply don't exist most of the time. I always imagine each of my characters has a gigantic twelve star ship garage where they're sitting up on blocks with their nacells off gathering dust. Those ships should be out and active, and it's a bit immersion breaking that they're nowhere to be found.

One suggestion I have is to skin and name the ships that appear when a player activates the Fleet Support power to look like the other ships a player owns (assuming the player owns ships of the appropriate type for each ship appearing when fleet support activates). The statistics of the ships can remain the same. I really feel that if my character is in trouble and needs to call in reinforcements, those would be the ships most likely to respond.

Another suggestion would be to replace some of the freighters on the Fleet Starbase system map with inactive ships owned by fleet members. One technical hurdle here would probably be that the player data for the members of the fleet is not accessible when the system map is generated, but the fleet information obviously is (since it always populates the map with the correct tier of starbase and associated facilities), so perhaps a list of ship costumes and names could be maintained as part of a fleet's database record. When a player selects a ship, the previously selected ship is copied into the fleet database (and the ship being selected is removed) and when the fleet starbase system map is generated, the map is populated with star ships in that list. Over time as players select their ships, the list would fill out.

2) Ships as Inputs to Duty Officer Assignments. I think I once saw a post from a dev suggesting this was something they were considering. I think this would be a great way to use our other ships. Ships could be non-consumable inputs to the duty officer system. The class of ship could be analogous to a duty officer's specialization (for example, any star ship an be used, but a science ship would give a better chance of success). When ships are out on assignment they are locked so you can't set them as your active ship. If a mission is failed then a ship can either end up with an injury or could be sent to dry dock the way a duty officer goes to sick bay, effectively making it unavailable until the ships was repaired. Some missions could even require multiple ships as inputs, leading to "Blockade" DOFF assignments (such as "Blockade Romulan Fleet from interfering in Klingon Civil War". Yes I know there's no Klingon civil war right now, but I think the situation in Redemption part 1 & 2 would be a great inspiration for some assignments involving star ships)

Long Term
1) I'm really looking forward to the "Developing and managing ships under your command" feature mentioned for Admiral level play. This will really give value to the ship bundle packs and will probably encourage lots of players to buy more C-Store ships (which will make the bean counters happy and could get the resources to implement this sooner).

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