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Originally Posted by endafresh View Post
Of bad news. Those of you using inferior or integrated graphics need to turn down EVERYTHING to minimum. Then slowly adjust settings until you get back to normalish.

I'm suspecting some graphical doodads were added that borked things.
Also welcome to F2P hell. Devs no longer seem to give a damn about fixing their broken MMOs, but will happily keep demanding monthly payment for 'normal' gameplay.

Even on my nice rig that I custom-built, I still get some graphical issues in space with flickering backgrounds. Luckily I used the search feature and found some dev posts saying this was a known issue and no easy workaround to it so meh. Same deal with the glitchy/moving text at certain points (like doing the Academy Event while scanning particles). It happens but its cosmetic so not a huge priority to fix.

If the game isn't working for you, then something on your end may need to be updated or changed. MMOs get updated, gotta keep up or get left out >_<
And yes, Cryptic needs to fix their **** ASAP, but in the meantime update your stuff and clear out unnecessary programs while you're at it. Running some maintenance (CHKDSK/Defrag) doesn't hurt either.
When the game is still doing this garbage in SAFE MODE, it's a pretty sure bet that it isn't a hardware issue, especially given that, as has been said dozens of times in this thread before, all of us were running the game just fine before Season 7 dropped. Please take the time to actually read a thread and understand the problem before you reply with unhelpful suggestions.

Originally Posted by earlofthar View Post
I have posted this in all area's that pertain to this thread. I will continue because since I am the one that started on the thread on the tribble server and reported the problem first. I wish people that have the integrated graphics issue like I did to have the ablity to solve it.

It worked for me and 14 others so far, if it did not work for you then sorry about your luck, please inform on your ticket you created, what you did and what it did not work. So PWE can continue to work on your specific problem.

Everyone computer runs a different type of Software and Hardware.

I as this post stated, Run a Integrated Intel HD graphics card with windows 7.. and this worked.

Good luck with your issue, and keep your flame toward the people that created the issue, not us that are helping people solve theirs.
Downgrading your graphics drivers to an unsupported level may be an acceptable solution for you, but it is not a fix and causes secondary issues. Have fun breaking your computer. The rest of us will wait for an actual fix from Cryptic, the people that caused the problem in the first place.

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