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11-17-2012, 08:29 AM
I have the same issue as you and others do drkfrontiers. I have a Sony Vaio laptop with 4 GB of RAM, Intel 2.23 GHz i3 Core processor, integrated Intel HD graphics, and Windows 8 Pro installed. Prior to Season 7 my specs were just fine for the game. But now I get a random blink to desktop (in full screen) and and error message about the driver crashing in window mode.

Windows thinks I have the latest driver. I have tried updating to something newer from Intel but there does not appear to be anything compatible that has been released. I have not tried downgrading the driver yet but will when I get home. I have tried switching the game to using Direct X 9 from 11 but that does not seem to help.

It can't be overheating because I have cleaned the computer out with compressed air and it is well vented. I have also turned the graphics settings to the lowest in-game as well as out of game. SInce the crash happens at random intervals (but usually always on new content. Although I have had it happen in ESD) I can only conclude it has to be the fault of Cryptic's coding.

I don't think it's just a problem with our PCs. True, it may only be affecting SOME PCs but still it's not because we don't have the specs. There is something Cryptic must have coded that is causing crashes with our video card drivers. I have a degree in computer programming so I know how selective the coding can be for what causes a crash. There needs to be some official response asking for our specs so they can narrow this down. I have seen NVIDA cards and Intel both reporting this problem. There may be others I am not recalling right now too. Hope it gets fixed soon. It's more than annoying. It sometimes even locks my system up entirely. I got hit with a leaver penalty on a STF because of it one time.