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Valid argument there on luck, but lets consider if there're no drops at all for common tech, it still takes 60 normal STF runs to get your full mkX ground set. Which probably works out to be longer than the current system.. unless you do the STFs consecutively and just STF after STF. Plus, if you're a new player.. you have no business in Elite STFs right? You don't get blown up that easily in Normal STF if you know whats going on.

Lets see.. 60 STFs = 1800 marks (30 Marks per STF). You don't need that many marks to unlock all the MkX gear right? Plus 10.5K dils which you can earn other way and some token items like generators, shield charges, easily obtained from vendors.

If you include the time taken to run the 60 STFs, everything can be quite tiring.. now you can load the project, go to sleep or watch survivor with your wife, play hide and seek with your children, checking your investment portfolio, go to the gym, play some golf then come back with your gear completed. That's for the average player.

IF you're hardcore.. and you haven't gotten your Mk12 gear for all your alts and boffs by now, i'd say you're not hardcore enough

My argument remains: New system is good, but the requirements (both time and resources) are steep.. reduce that by say 30% and you have a nice system in place.

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Bro, I can tell you I'm more casual a player than you, (Military life, Wife and dog), and I can say for certain being a new player as well, (I made VA a few days before S7 came out.) that this system is an obvious ploy to make there content last longer (old content mind you) and make more revenue. But what it will do is have the opposite effect. I have no reason to really play. I easily earned 100+ marks in an hour, no I have no reason to do STF's.

STF's were the main fun of the game after hitting VA. I at least earned something after every game. Not to mention the rate at which you gain dilitium has been nerfed. Those last few days after I hit VA, I was more than able to adequately gear myself with MkXI to be the top DPS in every Elite I queued in. I even managed to get two pieces of MkXII in a matter of a day or two. So lets not sit around and act like the old system isnt geared for casual players. Random drop based systems have been in every major MMO.

And if your priorities are to spend more time with the wife and kids, check your investment portfolio, golf and go to the gym. Why are you playing this game? Your idea of a casual gamer is not a casual gamer. I play on average an hour or two a night. That's casual.

Do me a favor, don't allow your priorities affect the pace and challenge of a game so that its simply easier for you to not put in any actual effort and just click a queue button and come back every 40 hours and have your gear served to you on a silver platter. Its a game, its meant to have challenge, its meant to be PLAYED.

As it is, I'm at a stand still for the next few weeks on gearing my VA as before I could as least make some progress every night. And you support this system? Serious priority check bro, either don't play this game and focus on your priorities that matter to you, or actually play the game.

Don't support a system that ruins it for those who actually want to play.

end /rant