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I may have missed it but what Duty officers are you using?

Emergency power to X cycling is a must on the vesta and you have to run voodoo setups to get the most out of it with its low amount of engi slots.

For your setup its going to be expensive and take a long time to get tweaked and follow advice about power levels carefully. The forums usually rather spot on, general chat in game is usually listen to the advice and do the exact opposite.

For a torp vesta for busting stf mobs you'll want to swap to quantums and keep your beams but drop the cannon. Your gonna need torpedo officers and if running quantums purples are preferred.

Now the Emergency power to X part. EPTX works best if you can run two different types and keep them both at 98% uptime(cooldown odities keep you from getting 100% with two types). However its rather tricky to do that with only 3 engi slots. So you have two and a half options.
Option one run the cooldown duty oficers that have a chance to proc on EPTX(damage control engineers) you need blues/purples and three of them. They have a 30 to 35% chance so Binomial distribution for two powers says you have a 89% to 93% chance off your EPTX cooldowns getting reduced. This means most of the time you can have two separate EMPTX skills going at nearly full uptime for the vesta shields and aux are the ones I like to use, as you seem to like torps weapon power isnt so important so probly stay away from that one.
Option two Double aux to battery builds. This is full on cooldown witchdoctor voodoo, 3 purple technicians reduce all bridge officer cooldowns by 30% when aux to battery is used. aux to battery reduces EVERY THING that is currently on cooldown even the other used aux to bat. After you get the cycle rolling your ship basically stays at 125/125/80/10
That is godly for cannon tanking builds, however torps dont care about your weapon power level and your sci skills are laughable at 10 power. Also you do sometimes just completely drain your aux and simply not have sci skills for a bit. So Super powerful but its got its dose of kyrptonite to go with it.
Option Three just use one EPTX type. This is the half option, its saying screw it and just going with something that you can depend on, as it doesnt have teh drawbacks teh other options have. Run two of the same type of EPTX and when one is off cooldown use it. That subsystem stays powered up 100%. for this use power to shields and only power to shields as all the others just arnt as good.

So personally for you and your build I would say go the double power to route and dispense with the usually rather expensive voodoo. But you know about it now and can try it if you have a horde of blue and purple duty officers sitting around.

This is what I would recommend as a base, that with two torps front one rear and beams filling most of the power in shields and aux should be fun. fill leftover sci as you please and if you have purple TT cooldown officers swap one of the TT for a HYT or something.
captain skill loadout is a safe bet build for torps but in now way a this is best build so ignore or take parts if you want. but mostly the advice that red points are the least efficient points so if you have something you want but cant afford take from something you have thats red. Some of the skills give extraordinarily little reward for those last few points.

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