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Hi all ,

It has been a while since my last attempt at PVP , so I'd appreciate some suggestions before I begin setting up .

Here's what I've got so far :

For : DHC x 4

Aft : 2 turrets , 1 ... -- suggestions ? (considering a high yield torp or mine)

Tac : 5 energy consoles
Sci : shield enhancing or energy drain negating console (I STF a lot)

Commander Tactical Station
TT1 ,APB 1 , CRF2 , CRF3

Lt. Commander Tactical Station
TT1 , ? , APO 1 -- suggestions ?

Lieutenant Universal Station
HA1 , AtB 1

Lieutenant Universal Station
ET1 , AtB 1

Ensign Engineering Station

- On the Doff side , 3 x Technician DOffs to cycle AtB1 faster .
I'm open to suggestions as to the last two Doffs .

- Not sure also what type of weapon energy to use .
Right now I'm thinking disruptors , but later on phased poloron , w/the jemmy set ? (probably later if that set gets a mk 12 variant)

As to the sets ... , Maco seems like the obvious choice , but perhaps there is a better Fleet deflector out there (along w/a Turn or Speed x 3 Fleet engine) ?

Thanks 4 any suggestions !
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