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Greetings folks!

I'd like to present to you a small spreadsheet I made earlier today to help keep track of the reputation system across multiple characters without constantly switching. It is in its early stages and any feedback would be appreciated.

To use simply make a copy of the spreadsheet and save it to your Google drive or download it then simply enter your character name and the date/time you started a project in the shown format into the appropriate cells(marked yellow), this will give you a time/date of completion for the project and when the project is complete the complete column will return the word "complete" and change to a red Background (that's a lot of completes)

Current known issues:
When the "Activation time" column is blank the "completion time" column returns 12/31/1899 16:00:00

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

- Fenra@truefire99

Now updated for 20 hour timers
Will add in 40 hour timer slots for req projects this week.

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