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If we're referring to the Borg in ESTFs, I don't see any problems. Just a bunch of wimps that can't take the fact that their precious little escorts can't faceroll the Borg anymore. My Oddy has no issues with the Borg at all. To speak of. Neither does my Tor'kaht. Yes, they sting a little more, and yes, I need to be more careful around the boss class ships, but still, it's no problem for me at all.
i have to agree. there is no real difference if you fly a cruiser with more than 2 hull heals or resistance buffs. But escorts seem to get way more hull dmg now from borg bosses like gates and cubes, not spheres in my opinion. Shield tanking seems to be nerfed, even though there is no indicator for that in the patchnotes.
I do feel however that the brace for impact doff is kind of worthless now. Ofcourse the Borg set nerf affects that too. So in my opinion there are some factors that got nerfed and affect certain classes of ships very much in terms of surviveability.

...But, to be honest i like it that way. Makes healers, tanks and supporters way more usefull in stfs...
had a ISE today with a proper tank, and it was just easy as usual. Had another one the other day where i had constant aggro and was lucky to only die twice. had to get some distance between me and the tac cube for atleast 3 times. managed to get the optional anyway.
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