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11-17-2012, 09:13 AM
Well, my small fleet hasn't bothered to queue up the ridiculous disco floor. For the first time, I personally did not do so and immediately fill it with 200k dilithium as with the previous special projects.

My main concern is not so much the dilithium, but the fleet marks - previously we could do some clickies to acquire marks to feed into the starbase (which was great, b/c aside from Role-playing with my guild, I'm not into doing quick MP shoot-em-up fleet actions or STFs). Without that the projects are just sitting there waiting on fleet marks

I can only imagine a few medium sized fleets or greater continuing to build, and a "strip-mall" effect on all the small fleet run stations mostly abandoned across the neutral zone.

My small fleet's starbase made its way almost to level 2... most likely we'll get there some day but I doubt we'll ever advance any further beyond.

Our base building went from "Hours instead of days! ... minutes instead of hours!" to months instead of days and years instead of month.

Is this a "whine"? No. It's the way it is - someone asked how it affected our fleets and I'm replying.

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