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11-17-2012, 10:17 AM
Truth be told i''d rather had they trippled the prices on the items per tier and give them instantly then having to run 40 hour projects.

ie. when you unlocked tier one after 81 hours, you can get the MK X set instantly for like 750 omega points or w/e. instead of having to run another 40 hour project...

IMHO right now all you''re doing STF''s for is to kill time till the 40 hours are over (provided you have enough marks to do next tier research).

at least pre-s7 you would go into an STF with the idea of "" might get something nice"" instead of "" 18 hours till next unlock""

I realize there''s other stuff to do ingame besides STF but dunno seems like right now you''d only grind for enough marks to get your next tier research done.