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11-17-2012, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by robertcrayven View Post

Downgrading your graphics drivers to an unsupported level may be an acceptable solution for you, but it is not a fix and causes secondary issues. Have fun breaking your computer. The rest of us will wait for an actual fix from Cryptic, the people that caused the problem in the first place.

OK .. so let me explain this SLOWLY so you can get a grip on this.

1.) This driver update that was posted was the updated driver for 10/11 soooo if you are running it on a computer in production prior to that date it is act a UPDATED version of the driver the your original software that was installed. This will not BREAK your computer unless you are installing a driver on a unsupported graphics card. Even if you find that you did do that a simple restore point fixes that issue.

2.) As i stated, This does not erase the issue, you can tell by the small .3 second lag that you get every now and then the issue remains with the coding. This driver just doesn't treat it as a critical fault there by crashing it. Making the game stable enough to play with little issues.

3.) wait if you wish .. ask the people with the ATI cards that had the BSOD issue how that worked out for them... oh wait that's right they are no longer tired of waiting. Why because sometimes like i have said many times the combo of hardware/softwhere conflicting with the code can be unique from system to system. Hence why some fixes work for some and not for others.
Check out the other section of graphics problems related to the ATI cards.... there are MANY of "fixs' there. Also in that instance it had people reverting to previous version of a driver, or even updating there BIOS.

I understand that you feel the need to flame because your upset, but at least have a small grasp on what you are talking about prior to the flame. Flame against the cause, not those who are trying to help.

BTW ... 22 people so far have concluded this has solved the issue for them, at least until a perma fix .. this year or the next is created by PWE.

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