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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Everyone who says he farmed for 5 months without a drop is a flat out liar.

Maybe you remember yourself wanting the set for 5 months...

I made a character after I heard about the sets going in season 7 and I got everything including MK XII ground - plus I had to level it first.

I never had any problems on any of my characters, but say it WAS true, do you really think it's fair to kill everything on stf just so you can get your ground set?

Anyway I am pretty sure you can skip the MK XI, however you will need MK XII for the adapted version unlock.
I am a little annoyed at people like you, it's your fault we are in this mess in the first place
Not calling anyone a liar......... But this ^^^^^

Most of my Mark 12 gear comes from failed optionals, and I outfited my Main Captain with full mark 12 Omega/MACO sets with 2 sets of Mark 12 anti-borg weapons, and 3 different torps in about a month. I waited until last minute to rush and get my Eng cap/KDF cap Mark 11 gear took about a 2 weeks. I have the worst luck in MMO's + I am lazy when it comes to endgame. What would have taken me a month tops to finish will now take 3 times longer and cost much more.

The previous system droprate wasn't even bad compared to other MMO's (look up Final Fantasy 11 Salvage armor pre-update 0.03% droprate on needed components says "hi")

Sorry but anyone who thinks this rep system is in place to help them is misguided, naive, or silly (no offense but cryptic likes those kind of players).