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Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
However. 80% Of my STF deaths are due to the borgs plasma fire, Hell i've had several instances where i have had FULL Shields, get hit by a plasma torp at 70% hull and 2 mins later i'm saying my goodbyes.

1) Plasma Fire is plasma damage, and you can put out plasma fire DoTs with Hazard Emitters. You're in a science ship doing STFs, hazard emitters is beyond mandatory.

2) Plasma Torps are kinetic damage, not plasma damage. They also have a plasma DoT that is plasma damage.

Originally Posted by latiasracer View Post
Here's my layout for reference, or any suggestions on improvements :
Your layout has quite a lot of issues.

1) Only 1 copy of Emergency Power to shields. You should be running 2 copies, so 1 copy is active all of the time. 'Full shields' doesn't mean anything if they are not backed up by resistances.

EPTS gives you more shield power which also translates to more resistance on top of the resistance it gives as well as higher regen. There is no reason to not be running 2 copies of this power, get rid of EPTW1.

2) You have 0 Field Generators. You have 2 biofunction monitors that basically do nothing at all. You should swap to at the very least 1 Field Generator + sci consoles that actually improve your science skills.

Since you have a minimum of Science skills, I'd just go with 4 Field Generators or a 2/2 split. Having " a little bit of everything" is probably not doing anything for you, and the biofunction monitors are certainly doing nothing.

3) Your tactical consoles are all over the place. Pick one weapon type and stick to it. Spreading it all over means you're not really getting good returns on any one thing.

4) Your weapon layout is again, all over the place.

You have rear facing weapons that don't help your front facing weapons. You have 2 Torpedo skills for 2 torpedos and 1 cannon skill but only one cannon?

There's clearly no plan at all to your weapons layout.

Simplify your layout, streamline your boff powers to match and make sure all or at least most of your weapons can all be fired in the same direction.

I'm going to be rude here, but its in an effort to help you - your ship is not doing much with that layout. It's the kind of sci ship that makes people groan that there is a sci ship in an STF.

This is a better, more effective example.

Fore: DHC x 3 or DHC x 2 + 1 Torp
Aft: 3x Turrets to support your DHCs and to prevent you from needing to turn around all the time to use a rear torp.

Eng Consoles: No change, just improve quality when you can afford it
Sci Consoles: 3x Field Generators + 1 Universal Console
Tac Consoles: 4x Phaser Relays


Sci CMD: HE 1 > TSS 2 > TBR 2 > GW 3
Tac Ltc: TT 1 > CRF 2 > CRF 3
Tac Lt: TT 1 > TS 2
Eng Lt: EPTS 1 > Aux to SIF 1
Eng Ens: EPTS 1

Let's review what's changed:

1) Your weapons and weapon powers are streamlined, you'll do more damage and be more effective.

2) Your consoles all better support your more streamlined powers and weapons layout.

3) Your self buffs now all cover you with both heals and resistance, and you have 2 copies of tac team which are going to go a lot further than 1 copy of sci team (adds no resistance) and eng team (adds no resistance).

4) You lost a Shield Heal in Sci Team but picked up another one in Transfer Shield Strength. You lost a hull heal in Eng Team, but picked up another in Hazard Emitters. On top of this, both TSS and HE add resistance as well as a heal, and HE also carries a debuff cleanse for use against plasma. You also gain TT coverage which helps against sudden shield drops & borg boarding parties.

5) You lose Scramble Sensors, which is a minor loss and does very little against the borg IIRC (and possibly nothing to several targets).

Give this layout a try, and if you are not significantly more survivable then we have a PEBKAC error.

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