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11-17-2012, 09:40 AM
I own the Aggressive Negotiations fleet and pre-season 6 launch we were at 15 people. Then between college starting up and people getting bored of the season 6 content a couple of weeks into it we dropped to 8 people. THEN the information about season 7 started come out and BOOM, they took one look at the dil requirements and off for the hills they went running, most finally fed up with the constant grind the end game content has become left the game completely, now down to 2 people.

The 1 click dailies were a HUGE resource for us smaller fleets, not only in fleet marks but also a little shot of dilithium. Some people can only play for an hour or two during the week and the last thing they want to do it grind out resources for some sink system.

There definitely needs to be some type of "Alliance" system where we smaller fleets can pool our resources to help each other. I've still got over 500 fleet marks just sitting waiting to be used because it takes so long to grind out the dilithium needed for the projects, and I'm sure on the other hand there's someone on a another small fleet that probably has dilithium just sitting around or some other resource I don't have.

On top of all that we lost a huge EC resource in the STF loot drops as well. Why devote an entire season to this huge elaborate Fleet system only to sabotage it in the next season.

And to anyone that says just recruit more fleet members......yeah been trying. Everyone either wants in with the huge fleets or is still buying into Cryptic saying that small fleets can progress through the fleet system no problem.

One of the biggest aspects about Star Trek is the Mighty Federation of Planets, all working together for the betterment of all, well damn it Cryptic give us fleets some way of doing just that. You can't tell me with all the people you've got working for you now that you can't come up with some type of add-on to the fleet system were little to no exploitation of something like this could happen. For that matter I've got this to ask, When you're giving out information about fleet sizes and how you're looking over the data, are you looking at fleet sizes as a whole (including alts) or the actual amount of people without alts??

If nothing else make fleet marks and dilithium account bound but only transferable through shared bank space so you're getting your c-store micro-transaction for the account shared bank space from us f2p and give us a spot on the forums for fleet alliances and we'll do the rest.