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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
Didn't dstahl claim that people were earning more dilithium than before? If this was true, wouldn't it lead to higher dil per zen prices? Or am I thinking in the wrong direction here?
Well either they wanted to fool players and intentionally tried to mislead them, or they just didn't really think about the changes.

Now to quote the dev blog:
Concern 1 ? Active level 50 players are refining far less Dilithium than we expect them to.
Prior to Season 7, the average amount of Dilithium refined by an active level 50 player was 3100 per session or 13,250 per week. That is far less than the cap of 8000 per day when you consider that most level 50 players play multiple days per week and slightly more than the average hours per session.
At the sound of that they are talking about characters, not accounts. Since the dil cap is per char. The first question would be, how many chars does the average player have? let's say you have 4 chars. 3 of them do the click daily and one is played actively. That would mean 3 of them get... what was it? about 1.4k dil? The active char gets 8k since it was pretty easy to reach that. That means we got (8 + 1.4 * 3)/4 k as average dilithium per char. That would be about 3k.
So it is true, on average a char only uses 3k of his daily dilithium but the account gets about 12k dilithium. With the new system they wanted you to get 8k dil in 4 hours.
With the old system, the click daily and 4 chars I would say you got the 12k dil in 2-3 hours. Depending on your faction and what you actually did.

So basically they either tried to fool us or they did not understand their data. So I would say an account with 4 chars gets now on average 1/2-3/4 of the old dilithium if he plays about 3 hours a day. The less you play the worse it gets, the more chars you have the worse it gets. Also they introduced new dilithium sinks.

So the conclusion: the new system screws dilithium income of almost every player and especially those who might only be able to play 1h per day.

Edit: Something I forgot. I suppose they only count chars that are actually logged in on a day. So that means with the click daily gone people might stop to log in each char every day. That means if the look now on the average dilithium per char it might increase even if the average dilithium per account decreases.
So they might not even realize that they screwed everyone but think they helped, which is a pity.

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