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11-17-2012, 11:17 AM
You know, I'm traditionally a console gamer. I've always held a dim view of PC gaming. My perception was that it was all about games that were great assuming you could actually get them to work, which you usually couldn't because nobody in the industry thought "will this run on a computer other than the ones in our offices?" was a question worth asking.

But then I learned STO was free to play, and I thought "why not?" So I gave it a shot, and... it worked! Not very well on my aging (and low-end when it was new) Inspiron, but the game ran smoothly--and beautifully--on my laptop. My laptop. So, seeing that, I concluded what I'd heard was an exaggeration. If a cool game like this worked on a laptop, surely PC gaming wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought.

That was October 27. Mere weeks before Season 7 rolled out.

Draw your own conclusions about how I feel now.