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11-17-2012, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by philipag View Post
Is burning through STO's new content in 2 months really a good idea? (exept those who feel they should pay nothing (no dilithium) to play STO).

Admittedly some dil. requirements are seeming a bit excessive but that's not the point.

"No goals" is playing with fire but even less entertaining. The actual play time needed for tier 5 reputation appears to be just a few hours (with a lot of waiting). Does it get harder? Perhaps the point is to add new types of reputation every few months.

For the people who worked so hard to attain these goals in the past this is all a bit of a slap in the face though.
i totally agree, I had my Mk12 gear and had acsess to the mk12 gear with stf drops. Now I have to grind out 60 days of more graft and bull**** thanks to Perfect worlds not so perfect idea's.