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11-17-2012, 10:35 AM
New Romulus is very pretty, but static scenery is a lot easier to code than interactive. The "collect 10 of X" missions aren't much different than the ground missions you used to do in the various Clusters, Expanses, etc. Ditto for the Tau Dewi space missions; slap a new skin on an old code and have done with it. I get the feeling that NR is a placeholder, and that PW may roll out -- eventually -- more interactive storyline content. Of course that depends on if they think they can coax us to pay more for it. Given the way the new Rep, Mark and Embassy system is structured, and the way the old system has been gutted, I don't have much hope.
"Susse-thrai" had been the name bestowed upon her, half in anger, half in affection, by her old crew on Bloodwing; the keen-nosed, cranky, wily old she-beast, never less dangerous than when you thought her defenseless, and always growing new teeth far back in her throat to replace the old ones broken in biting out the last foe's heart.
Romulans: left one homeworld, lost another, third time's the charm?