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11-17-2012, 11:52 AM
Well the Maths is wrong. It will Take 60 days to lvl up to teir 5 at the 1day 16hrs per project. But yer I do agree about how long it will take to reap all the benifits of the new rep system. It won't take 2 years like the guy whom originally posted said.
It will take 11 months to reap the benifits. To aquire all pieces of the Borg retro Space Gear. MACO/Honour Gaurd Space & Ground Sets & the OMEGA Space & Ground sets. This maths doesn't include any Mk 12 weaponary or or any of the suposide new OMEGA Weapons space sets. If I included the Omega Space Weapons then 12months to Unlock every peice of the Sets. But again Maths to include any ground Weapons or any Gear that aint included in those sets.