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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
The guide gives the APO3 build (which has a tiny bit more alpha strike power) mostly because APO3 is easily obtained for everyone whereas only tac captains can train CRF3 and not every beginning player has a tac friend who can train it for them.

If you can get CRF3, you should probably use it.
I see .
Well , as I plan to use the ship on a Tac toon that has been w/the Defiant for a while , so I do have CRF3 .
The only difference is that I'm thinking about not using a Torp in front but instead a "surprise" in that back that (in theory) could be deployed fast due to the ship's turn rate .

BTW any suggestions as to what packs a punch these days ? Tricobolt mine ? Transphasic torp ?

2-part borg still gives the hull heal, which healing-wise has always been the more important part. The shield proc was mainly interesting for resistance.
Ok , I see , ty .
I'll have to see if the hull heal every .. 60 secs (if I remember correctly -- or it could be 45 secs) is the maximum benefit I can get .
45-60 secs is a long time in PVE ... , in PVP for an escort it's an eternity !

I personally don't use AtB, but especially on escorts I don't think that it is particularly useful. You have enough slots to double up on all important tac skills, so you won't gain much from using AtB. This is different for cruisers.
Perhaps ... , but ever since the holographic Boff gave us that speed up on our cooldowns -- I've been enamored with that power , and I love that I can get it by not using a Sci toon/boff .
Mind you if it'll be a catastrophe , I'll look for other ways to do things .
That is just an experiment 4 now .

Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
follow the hilbert guide for starters. if you sway from that direction you are possibly not maxing your build.
Well to be perfectly honest , I already know that I won't be maxing my build simply because I'm not gonna respec my Defiant Captain (who's also spec'd into torps) .
At least not for starters .

but based on your piloting style, small changes can always be made, and can be impactful.
True ... , and funny that you should mention my piloting style as that is also one of my less then great pvp attributes , as I don't like to zip around at crazy speeds .
I know some players (many tac players) love to do that , I know they r good @ it too , but my brain is not wired to process "action" at that those speeds .
That's like watching a constant loop of Michael Bay action sequences ... .
Sure it's fun from time to time , but not after I come home tired from work .

So I'm fully ready to get pwned in my Jemmy as well !
If I feel like LOL-ing , I come in my Eng/Galor , and enjoy the attempts to slay me 1-on-1 .
(3 on 1 or more works btw !)

Thanks again 4 the responses btw !
I am loosing STO with each new system based update and with each removal and editing of content .
I don't know how to save her from her systems obsessed masters who seek to control and monetize me more and more .

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